Faculty of Engineering

Engineering studies operates in trimesters.
Entry Requirements: N4 – Grade 12 Maths & Physical Science

To qualify for a diploma , students do N4, N5 and N6 at the College, they are then required to do in-service training for 2 years.

Course Fees & Registration Dates


The N4 to N6 Civil Engineering Courses concentrate on a design and project management related subjects.

Careers that can be followed if the student has a civil engineering qualification:
Bricklaying, Plastering, Carpentry, Plumbing, Building Designing, Quantity Surveying, and Civil Technician, Land Surveying, Town Planning, etc.


N4 (3 Months) N5 (3 Months) N6 (3 Months)
• Mathematics/Building Admin N4
• Quantity Surveying N4
• Building & Structural Construction N4
• Building & Structural Surveying N4
• Mathematics/Building Admin N5
• Quantity Surveying N5
• Building & Structural Construction N5
• Building & Structural Surveying N5
• Mathematics/Building Admin N6
• Quantity Surveying N6
• Building & Structural Construction N6
• Building & Structural Surveying N6

Career Opportunities:
Domestic Electrician, Industrial Electrician and Electrical Technician 

The Electrical and Electronics theory covered in these courses is designed to meet the needs of careers in both the domestic and industrial electrical fields. Course content covers safety, wiring switchgear, electric motors, transformers, power transmission, power generation, single phase/ three phase /AC/DC power and electronics applicable to heavy current applications.

N4 (3 Months) N5 (3 Months) N6 (3 Months)
• Mathematics N4
• Engineering Science N4
• Industrial Electronics N4
• Electrotechnics N4
• Mathematics N5
• Power Machines N5
• Industrial Electronics N5
• Electrotechnics N5
• Mathematics N6
• Power Machines N6
• Industrial Electronics N6
• Electrotechnics N6

Career Examples:
Motor/Diesel Mechanics, Fitter, Machinists

Career Opportunities:
The mechanical career opportunities are vast. It is therefore important to select the correct N1 to N3 subject and trade theory for your desired career. At the N4 to N6 levels the course is not trade specific and covers general subjects necessary for careers in Mechanical Engineering. The subjects cover a variety of topics related to Mechanical design such as: Gear System, Belt Drivers, lifting Devices, Industrial Machines, Hydraulics, Fluid Flow, Engineering Materials and Structure.


N4 (3 Months) N5 (3 Months) N6 (3 Months)
• Mathematics N4
• Engineering Science N4
• Mechanical Drafting N4
• Mechanotechnics N4
• Mathematics N5
• Strength of Materials & Structure N5
• Power Machines N5
• Mechanotechnics N5
• Mathematics N6
• Strength Of Materials & Structure N6
• Power Machines N6
• Mechanotechnics N6
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